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Hey, Daddy, this Christmas tree is just my size!

I LOVE caring for my babies!

Look, Mommy, I can write!

I love my baby brother!

Play-doh is so much fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had fun at the pumpkin patch!

Do you like this pumpkin, Andrew?

I love the zoo!!

Hanging out at the flower fields!

This is my cousin Ella

I love the flower fields!

No, mom doesn't always let me play in my church dress.

Good thing I don't look like dad.

Mom, you double dog dare me?

Utt Ohh. I picked one of Daddy's Tangelos. Someone is in trouble.

Mamma what are you doing on the slide?

Mamma what'cha doin'?


Grandpa K and I



Ohh Romeo, where art thou Romeo!

Partners in crime!

Grandma and I next to the arch in Saint Louis

Daddy's girls.

Cousins at Easter

You can call me Mozart


This is how it's done Grandpa.

That knock knock joke was a killer!!

Two peas in a pod!

What does a goat say Hannah?

Hannah: This better be a toy!

Emma: This better be food!

60 pound lap dog!

Hannah at her birthday party!

Dad, there's a 200 lb weight limit and you're 199.

Hannah's 2nd Birthday!

Mamma did a good job on my ladybug cake!

This is the part right before I caught my hair on fire!

Emma's enjoying my birthday gift too!

Two babes in a basket!

No young lady. Daddy doesn't approve of your dress attire.

There it goes!

Thanks Kleis's for the jungle gym!


I can get the migrane to go away!!

You need some odor eaters!

Can you guess what I want to be when I grow up?

Swingin' on our gift from the Kleis's.

We planted our garden and look what sprouted!

In parts of southwest Asia, people ride on elephants. In southwest Santee, they ride Daddies.

Who turned out the lights?

Grandpa is good for laughs!

Children are like Chia Pets. Just add water and watch them grow!

Daddy's twenty pound garden pumpkin!

The Dauben men (minus Andrew) on grandpa's 91st birthday at the yacht club!

Hannah at Southwestern Yacht Club.

What? You don't like my version of "Chopsticks"?

Daddy and I sledding in the Lagunas

Mamma fixed up my new bedroom! My baby brother will be in my old room.

Mamma and I swinging at Lake Arrowhead!

This is my Valentine picture for my Daddy!!

At 7:00 PM, the Dauben women turn into sleeping beauties!!

At 8:00 PM, Daddy usually follows Mommy and Hannah!

Emma and Hannah separating the whites.

Hannah in her Scottie Dog dress.

Mamma, Hannah, and Dumbo (no not daddy)

The monkey at the zoo!

Grandma, Ella, Sarah, and Hannah (all 3 grandchildren)

Hannah and Mamma sliding at the park!

I need to close the window so you can't take pictures of me.

Learning the computer at an early age!

Christmas 2005

What? I don't mind sharing my Puffs with Mickey.

Basket o' baby!

Family Gathering

I'm giving my cousin a hug!

Daddy loves me!

My favorite thing to do is play in the dishwasher!

Dad, get back to work! Do I have to do everything!

Which one is the doll?

Got Cake?

I'm reading the directions.

Zero to Sixty in 5.5 Seconds

This is Clyde Dauben (Hannah's Great Grandpa) in the rocking chair his grandfather made.

Sitting in Great Grandpa's Rocker. Circa early 1900's.

The gang!

At my future cousin's baby shower.

This is Hannah not sharing toys :(

Sitting in Great Grandma's rocking chair.

I can stand up now!

Hannah and Emma

I'm not photoshy

Daddy doesn't know about my full diaper!

Mamma is swinging me!

It's tricky balancing a kleenex on my head!

Playing with my ducky!

Smile big for mommy!

Do you really think my picture could be on a Gerber jar?

Looking at Mama in the mirror makes me laugh!

Hey Buster! I might be a girl, but I'll give you a knuckle sandwich.


Hiking in the Laguna's with Daddy!

Daddy's girls!

I learned to stand in the crib on my own!

Grandpa Dauben and I

I'm cute!

Mamma What'cha doin'?

Four Generations

Mommy and I

Did you say lunch?

Happy Valentine's Day!

All this work carrying daddy makes me sleepy!

Partners in crime!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Happy Easter!

Daddy doesn't like bows. Mom does.

Just hanging out!

Splish splash, just a takin' a bath!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncle Steve, stop tickling me!

Christmas photo.

Raise your hands if you're sure!

Christmas photo!

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Snow Play


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Hannah's First Birthday


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Silly Daddy!


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Don't keep me from the remote control!



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Playing ball with Emma


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Hannah at Birth

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Hannah Talking on 9/9/04



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Hannah Smiling on 10/30/04


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